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Revelation by Sharon Gibbs




Reverse Harem. Why Choose?
Amberleigh’s life suddenly spirals out of control, when she meets three drop dead gorgeous immortals, and finds herself fighting for her life.
She can’t really be the next queen of the Underworld, can she?
Start your journey into the Redemption of the Underworld series today!

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About the Author

Sharon Gibbs Author

Sharon would probably write more books if we had another day in the week.

Witches and wizards run wild in her imagination where heroes and villains battle and there’s always room for a dragon or two. Magical cats and family curses take up most of her time and she’s been searching for that secret ingredient in Mrs Junket’s pudding. You can meet a few of these zany characters inside the pages of her latest book – Revelation.

Sharon needs two cups of tea in the morning before she can function, loves gardening, dreaming and sitting outside in the sunshine while enjoying every day. She sucks at remembering to water her plants but holds fast to the belief that anything is possible if you just try.